Precautions to Take to be Safe and Not Put Yourself at Risk of Getting SarsV2 / COVID-19


Author: SK

As time passes by, advancements in every field of life have been done. One of the departments in which the most improvements have been made is the science and medical field. Due to these advancements, doctors and scientists have created various contagious diseases, either intentionally or by mistake, as they might have mixed the wrong types of cells and enzymes. One such contagious disease is the Coronavirus. This deadly disease has harmed the world. All the major industries, businesses, parks, events, and educational institutions have come to a halt because of this fatal disease.

Currently, there are about 30 million-plus cases of this virus, and about 900000 + people have lost their lives to this deadly virus. Moreover, the country which has been the worst hit by this virus is the United States of America, and the country which has registered the most cases in a single day is India’s country.

Scientists and doctors both have been working together day and night to find a cure for this virus, but till not, they have not found a vaccine to treat this virus. However, the government of various countries has collaborated with doctors and tells the people of their countries about certain precautions that they should follow to be safe from this virus. These precautions can help to slow down the rapid spread of the virus.

What are the Main Signs of the Coronavirus?

There are various classes of this virus’s symptoms, but the most common signs of it are coughs, headaches, and pain in several parts of the body, high fever, and loss of taste.

However, this virus’s severe symptoms are having respiratory problems, an increase of pains in the chest, and the fever’s high rising temperature. If a patient exhibits any of these signs, then they should consult a doctor promptly.

Precautions Needed to Follow for Protection Against the Coronavirus

  • One of the first precautions is that you should isolate yourself from everyone, even if you are not a victim of this virus. You should stay within your room and interact as little as possible with other people during these difficult times.
  • Try not to go outside during these times. Wear a proper face mask and keep a sanitizer in your pocket if it is necessary to go out. It is essential to test for temperature before entering any shop. Also, sanitize your hands each time you visit or come out of a shop.
  • While in your house, keep separate cutlery set for yourself and use a separate washroom to use your bathroom commodities such as a towel.
  • Eat high-nutrients food so that the immune system gets stronger and protects from the virus.
  • The sanitizers you use should have a high percentage of alcohol in it as this component effectively kills the germs.
  • Do not invite any people to your house during these times. Also, Do not visit any people as well until and unless there is a big emergency.
  • Stop touching random things and clean your objects and surfaces regularly with a disinfectant.

All in all, the Coronavirus is a deadly virus and has taken many lives by now. So, it is essential to follow all the precautions of the government to curb the spread.

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